The Los Chupiros apartment and view

In the distance one can see La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel (The Parish of San Miguel the Arcangel or simply, La Parroquia), the current parish church of San Miguel, was built in the 17th century with a traditional Mexican facade. The current neo-Gothic facade with two tall towers, was constructed in 1880 by Zeferino Gutierrez, an indigenous bricklayer and self-taught architect. The current city name is derived from its European founder, Father Juan de San Miguel.

As best as I can determine, this tree (visible from my dining area) is a Hartweg’s Pine (Pinus hartwegii).  If anyone can correct me, please do.  The reason I doubt my identification is that Hartweg’s Pine grows near the Alpine tree line, and we’re only at 1900 meters, about 600 meters below the tree’s known lower range.

Not long after I moved in the landlord had the exterior of the house painted pink. It looks great! I overheard him talking to a couple of men and he said, “You know, it’s a happy color. I like a happy color.”

I wrote the above two weeks ago and when I gave next month’s rent to the landlord today, I told him how much I like the color. He said, “I thought maybe the girls next door would like, you know, to brighten up their day. Everything around here is rust or adobe, maybe a little color would be cheerful.”

The girls he refers to are those who live at Casa Hogar with the nuns, the kids who have had difficult lives. He’s always surprising me that way, in little ways thinking about another’s feelings.

His dog, a boxer-pit bull mix, is a really – and I never thought I’d say this about a pit bull – sweet dog. He says of her, “you know I never hit her, never even yell at her. I think love works a lot better than anything else.”

The weather

Thursday afternoon vs. Friday morning in a high semi-arid climate vs. the Bay Area.



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