Matches and Popsicles

A few nights ago I bought matches (los  fósforos) at a tienda (neighborhood store – bodega for all you New Yorkers) just down the street.  That may not seem significant, but until I made that transaction I had no way to cook (the stove does not have a pilot light) or to ignite the gas heater that may become important when the nights stay cold and the days become overcast.  A neighbor told me he heads to a certain cafe where there’s a fireplace and even that isn’t enough; he claims that there’s no warm place in San Miguel when the cold weather hits.

So now I can make tea and coffee, pasta, huevos, hot chocolate, and all the other things that require heat.  That simple purchase made an apartment into my home.

The popsicles are made using natural ingredients, including fruit purees in those such as strawberry and guava.  I suspect they’re seconds, but then look how much ice there is on the lime and blue banana.  You can buy 12 for a peso, which works out to about a penny a piece.


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