Tareas Domésticas (Apartment Cleaning)

broomdetailA few days ago I purchased a broom and a few cloths that I can use for dusting. I don’t yet have a dustpan or whisk broom, but I made do. It was the first time I had set out to clean this apartment, and it felt good to clean, to give the trashmen the week’s garbage, and to pay the rent. I also did the week’s laundry and changed the sheets on the bed.

I ended up with a multi-tiered approach to cleaning the tile floors (there are two area rugs, one in the sleeping area and on in the living area). I’ve always wondered about the term “living area” or “living room” because we live in all rooms, don’t we? I suspect the term came about because the room found near the entry of houses in the United States (in Britain as well) most often used for receiving guests, was once called a parlor. When death was a more personal experience for Americans (as in the 19th century), the room was also used for laying out the deceased. The name given to that room, perhaps became less desirable, too, as the elegant “parlor houses” of the American West’s madams lent an air of disrespect to the word. So some people, ever on guard to protect sensibilities, the euphemism “living room” was introduced. All supposition on my part.

My multi-tiered approach:  sweep the tiles, use a cloth on the tiles to get the finer dirt, then mop.

Los Chupiros is a dirt road and despite it being a dead-end, there is a fair amount of vehicle traffic because of CASA and Casa Hogar Don Bosco. There are garbage pickups, separate milk and water deliveries, repairmen, parents, visitors, donors and other traffic.

When I woke the next morning there was a thin coating of road dust wherever I hadn’t walked the previous day.

I will either have to live with a certain level of dust as it transfers from road to apartment, or I’ll spend more time cleaning.

Housecleaning of Another Sort

Saturday, December 1, the new president of Estados Unidos Mexicanos, Enrique Peña Nieto was sworn in (the day before I had seen a photo of his cabinet and they looked very impressive). The day was a holiday for many working people, so many more people were out and about in the neighborhoods as I walked to downtown, and there were more yard sales than normal (whatever that may foreshadow). El Centro was extremely busy, and handwritten signs placed over wine bottles in grocery stores announced wine could not be sold.


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