Frosty el muńeco de nieve era un alma feliz alegre

carolinaIt is Monday morning, there is a haze in the valley, the sky is overcast but bright, and last night it was warm enough for me to wear a camisole and sheer top to the Metales M5 Mexican Brass concert (I had a sweater for the post-concert walk home). On the walk to El Centro I noticed more Christmas decorations available for sale en las tiendas than earlier in the month. Some of the decorations are large cardboard figures of the stock holiday characters like Santa, Frosty, and Rudolph.

So this morning the music teacher is leading the children across the street in singing Rudolph, el reno de nariz roja  and Frosty el muńeco de nieve. I’m not quite sure how one can relate to a snowman when one’s only exposure to snow might be through a cartoon or movie or television show. It is the magic of a child’s understanding, perhaps.

Jon Sievert’s Photography

Jon Sievert photographed many popular musicians and an exhibit of his photographs have been on display at the Bordello Galeria located within the Casa de la Noche bed and breakfast. He announced yesterday at the Unitarian-Universalist meeting that the exhibit would end tonight and a party would mark the closing.


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