How much is that doggy on the rooftop (in kilos)?

dog on roofMany roofs are flat or nearly so and quite a few roofs have cooking (grilling) equipment on them and some have dining or lounging furniture there.  A few roofs are used for storage and then there is the array of clotheslines one might expect to find.

Whether or not anything is on the roof, some neighborhoods feature dogs looking down on you – much as gargoyles in Paris – and they sometimes choose to bark.  If you hear the bark from almost overhead and you haven’t seen the dog beforehand, it can be startling. Fortunately, none have felt the need to imitate Underdog, but it’s more likely that if any have watched TV cartoons, they are modeling themselves after Mighty Manfred, The Wonder Dog (Tom Terrific’s pal)

One-Pot Pozole

For the past two days I have been completely lethargic. A post-Christmas letdown? Perhaps. I’ve spent a lot of time in my pajamas, I’ve written a little, watched television, kept up with my Destinos and Mi Vida Loca watching, and taken another look at “is it possible for someone living on social security to live in the United States?” Affordable rent, of course, is a driving factor. I looked at New Orleans and Savannah, and they seem just out of reach. Part of my gazing across the border is that I just don’t know what the future holds for me (emotionally, financially, from a friendship perspective, etc.) in México.  I tried to converse with the Mexican women during Christmas dinner, but it was such a struggle for me (and probably for them as well). Success in learning to converse in Spanish is going to be critical for me if I’m to have significant friendships.

For someone who lives without a car, public transit is a necessity and that limits my options significantly in the U.S. I’m certain I could find more affordable rents if I looked beyond larger cities, but that doesn’t seem an option for me. I’ve lived in rural areas where I walked to town, and if there was a bus that connected to other locales, it came but once a day. At my age, that just won’t work very well.

So in the afternoon, having showered and in a new set of pj’s, I started to make pozole.  I took roasted chicken bones from the freezer and put them in a 4-quart pot, filled it with water, brought the liquid to a boil, then reduced it to a slow simmer for an hour. I let it cool, then put one quart in a container and froze that for another day. I poured the remaining three quarts into another container and set it aside to add to the pozole after the vegetables had cooked.


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