Las aceras (Sidewalks)

The hills aren’t the only problem for walkers, the cobblestones and irregular sidewalks make it hard to walk. People call SMA, “The city of fallen women.” Wear comfortable shoes and watch where you walk always. I twisted my knee the first day I arrived; many do. You also have to watch out for window ledges jutting out at forehead height, while you’re looking down for holes and ridges in the cobblestones.

Carol Schmidt,

In one of my first posts I mentioned that I love San Miguel’s sidewalks. Some converge/diverge, some suddenly have steps to a house or compound, some disappear completely, some have room only for a utility pole, and some have ramps constructed over them that lead to driveways for autos. I’ve seen this in other Mexican towns, but not to the extent that it occurs in San Miguel. Life here must be extremely difficult for anyone with a mobility issue, but I suspect that the exercise and diligence required to negotiate San Miguel’s streets and sidewalks have probably kept more people alert and mobile than not.

Today started off cold with a heavy overcast (there have been several mornings like this recently, and they seem to have coincided with the appearance of butterflies) across the entirety of the sky. It also started at 6:15 when fireworks first lit up the dark:  they continued for an hour, and as the sky became backlit, the church bells began. The pealing of the bells gave way to dogs announcing, well, whatever they were announcing. I went to town and when I walked back after lunch (under a blue sky and warm sunlight) there were groups practicing parade routines and for three hours there were drums from two directions competing for one’s attention. They ceased, the sun fell behind the horizon, the dogs let us know about that, and the fireworks began again with the darkness.

Here are some photos from the streets of San Miguel.


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