News Scraps

If the world was perfect, it wouldn’t be.

Yogi Berra, athlete

courtyard interior nail salonScraps of mid-week news from around San Miguel.

1. Human interest: How do they get through life?

Some people are nervous in a foreign land, surrounded by foreign-sounding people. The following exchange was from the electronic bulletin board.

I had a pair of purple sunglasses stolen.
I have written to S at L C. I’m responding here just in case she doesn’t get my individual email.

Later in the day M wrote:

I found a pair of powerful prescription sunglasses in front of L C on calle Aldama. If they are yours I left them at L C’s desk.

Perhaps L, without the prescription glasses could not see them outside the store. The next model of the sunglasses, I understand, will have a GPS locator chip in them.

2. Police Blotter: Domestic violence

This report is to partially dispel the notion that all violence in Mexico is gang-related.

An American woman, Joyce Schuman, who went by the name of Joyous Heart was found murdered in her home last week in rancho Santa Teresita de Don Diego. A long-term resident of San Miguel, she had many friends and a memorial service is planned. The alleged murderer is her adopted daughter.

3. Lifestyle

Your correspondent went to a salon yesterday to get her hair done and to a second salon for her nails. All in preparation for the opera and benefit gala taking place this weekend.

The hair salon, which shall go nameless, features a male stylist who has worked in many locales around the world. He does significant publicity, including a youtube video, and is hip to all the latest social media tools. However, he is not as hip to current standards of customer service as experienced in other salons and he had – at the time of my visit – way too many customers to give sufficient attention to any one client.

On the other hand, Emelia and Felisa operate a comforting, relaxing salon at the interior of calle Recreo, 13. Open one year, they have a combined ten years of experience in providing manicures, pedicures, massages and facials. While the salon does not have some of the gadgetry that some salons NoB use, my manicure looks great, has survived my washing dishes, and my experience at the salon was thoroughly enjoyable.

4. Weather

Two weeks ago I was opening the window coverings as early in the day as possible to warm the apartment and now I’m keeping them closed until the sun has arced across the sky to a point where the direct rays don’t penetrate deep into the rooms. At night the comforter stays at the foot of the bed until sometime around two or three de la mañana. Two weeks ago it would get pulled up to my chin right away.

5. Sports



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