Hey, Bubbalo Bill

Macho doesn’t prove mucho.

Zsa Zsa Gabor

allende 007a atvThe continuing saga of Rodrigo, el vaquero

I’ve mentioned Rodrigo in two other posts Pero los perros … and The milkman cometh. He has, just the other day, after more than three weeks, moved one of his vans from the narrowest part of Los Chupiros (he parks his other van closer to where he lives on the street). It was parked in such a way that larger delivery trucks (water, for example) and school buses sometimes could not proceed to the end of the street. The result was that once in a while a driver would sound his [to date there have been no female delivery drivers] vehicle’s horn for 5 or 10 minutes, with no change in the situation. According to a neighbor, Rodrigo has been in dispute with a property owner for a number of years, and so he parks his van opposite the property owner’s house. Rumor has it that Rodrigo broke the tail of the property owner’s dog in retaliation for …?

Rodrigo has at least one other vehicle. Not being a vehicle smartie, I don’t know what it is. It might be what people call an ATV; it has big balloony wheels and the vehicles are popular with folks who deliver food from restaurants. Somehow, perhaps it’s the high speed with which Rodrigo drives, Rodrigo seems to kick up more dust than all the other drivers on Los Chupiros combined. One literally eats his dust.

To his credit he doesn’t seem to drive that machine when school is in session.(2/20)

Más Macho

I’ve only seen two other instances of similar behavior. Traffic downtown is hectic on Saturdays as weekenders are plentiful and folks from the campos come to town for their shopping and that’s in addition to the folks who work during the week as well as the kids who are free from school. One Saturday morning in el Centro a bus tried to emerge from a narrow two-way side street and make a left turn; as it began to enter the intersection, but had to stop as a stretch-cab 4×4 high-off-the-road pickup truck, wanting to turn right onto the street from which the bus was emerging, blocked its way. Although there were vehicles behind the pickup, it could have moved to allow the bus to pass by, but the bus had numerous cars behind it and could not retreat: neither driver yielded and so at least two dozen other vehicles were inconvenienced by the pickup driver’s inability to be considerate.

The other event also took place on Los Chupiros, on a day near Christmas, when a school bus taking the Dominican nuns and their uniformed charges to a holiday event was blocked from moving by someone who had parked in such a way that the bus could not back up and exit Los Chupiros. It took over 45 minutes to resolve the situation and I have no idea whether the kids made it to the event in time.

Lizzy Caplan

Some silliness.


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