The [man’s] hand on the breast . . . spoke for the sense of possession that men believed was their due.

Marilyn Yalom, A History of the Breast

breastcoverI am far too serious a person to pull a hoax, but I enjoy those who can pull them off. Despite its horrible comment about Oscar-nominee Quvenzhané Wallis, I love The Onion – as well as the website Cracked. Cracked‘s 5 Clearly Fake News Stories … provides some  jewels with my favorite being Fox Nation’s moving forward with a story that featured this quote:

‘I will not wear these sinful, men-attracting padded bras that make my jugs look juicy,’ before ripping her bra out and stomping on it in front of a crowd of cheering supporters.

Faux News stated that Islamic clerics at Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology had put a fatwa on women wearing padded bras, labeling them “the devil’s cushions.”  Fox, which has time and again denied that it hires female newscasters from the Victoria’s Secret catalog, will now have to begin denying that it also places them in the copy room – although it’s unlikely that they were responsible for believing the story had veracity. The story originally appeared at Roznama Jawani, which describes its “news” as stories that

might only be applicable and true in another universe. That universe might be parallel to this universe. Might even be serial. Who knows?! Maybe some one does.

Unfortunately, Fox’s universe intersects with the universe that the rest of us inhabit. That intersection is how Fox’s words find their way into our brains. pointed out that comments to the Fox “story” expressed outrage at the actions of the Pakistani clerics and what those actions mean for women:

  • “If I was a woman–anywhere in the world, I’d be taking a close look at Islam and what it meant for me,” wrote “rebubinca.”
  • A “louisiana_mom” wrote:  “How can anyone in their right mind defend this religion/cult is beyond me. The silence of NOW and other women’s rights organizations speak volumes as to where their true loyalties are (and it is not for the rights for women). I cannot believe anyone in the 21st century would even entertain the thought of allowing Sharia Law into any Western county.”

It’s possible that these comments were written by people not on the Fox payroll, but I think it’s just as likely that they were written by Fox staffers or stringers.

Tina Turner and Robert Cray, A Change is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke)


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