A casita of one’s own

But these are days we dream about, when the sunlight paints us gold
And this apartment could not be prettier as we danced up there alone

Conor Oberst, The Difference In The Shades

front doorEarlier this year the mayor of San Miguel said that the ladrilleros would shutdown in San Miguel and move to the Parque Ladrillero. The date given for the move was 31 March. That date has passed and on 1 April there were folks writing on the civil list that the brick makers had not moved, and within two weeks people were complaining that the smell was worse than ever.

If this is true, then I will soon get to experience the aroma as my new living space (as of mid-May) is a casita located in Guadiana, which is downwind of the brickmakers. It is near a high school, so I’ll still have the vibrancy of young people to enjoy (including a school band that may occasionally play in tune and in tempo). I’ll miss the sounds of the pre-school, but I won’t miss the ever-present dust (I looked carefully at the new apartment to see if dust settled soon after one moved through a room and it didn’t), I won’t miss the rock concerts that begin at 10 p.m. as happened Saturday night, nor will I miss Rodrigo and his vehicles. The casita is on a privada (private road) that comes to a dead-end. There are no dogs in the complex (that consists of the owner’s home and the attached casita) nor are there nearby compounds with 4-10 dogs barking constantly. I’m certain that I will find drawbacks and disappointments, but for now I am excited. The casita has so many items on my checklist, like cross ventilation, screens in ALL windows and doors, terrific water pressure, a stairwell that is easy to negotiate, a patio, the TV in a room separate from the bedroom, plenty of closet space, and ever-present “more.”

Theme from The Apartment

Although made famous by the 1960 movie, the Theme from The Apartment dates from 1949 when British composer Charles Williams (born Isaac Cozerbreit) titled his composition Jealous Lover and it was used in the film Naughty Arlette. Also known as The Romantic Age, the film featured an 11-year old Petula Clark.

While not reaching the crescendo of the dual-piano Ferrante and Teicher interpretation that made the song a Top 40 hit, the original version seems more romantic to me. Composer and conductor John Williams (of Star Wars and Boston Pops fame and of no relation to Charles Williams) played piano on the soundtrack and assisted with the orchestration.


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