Mujer Tarahumara/Rarámuri que ganó la carrera de 10 km de OXXO sin traje de licra, botellitas de agua, vicera [ed.: visera] de neopreno o tennis Nike. Un orgullo de nuestra raza y un mensaje de humidad [ed.: humildad] para todos nosotros.

Muki runningRoughly translated:

“This Tarahumara/Rarámuri woman won the OXXO 10 km run without [the benefit of] lycra suit, bottles of water, a baseball cap or running shoes. [She is] A pride of our race and a message of humility for us all.”

That’s right.  She won it wearing a dress and sandals.

Thanks D for posting this on your FB page.

Originally published by in January of this year. The original article did not mention whether she won combined men’s and women’s divisions or the women’s division.

The Rarámuri live in northwest Mexico, in the Sierra Madre Occidentale mountains and have renown for their distance running. OXXO is a chain of convenience stores.


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