Happy Rain

She licked her lips. “Rain even tastes good.”
“What do you do, go around trying everything once?” he asked.
“Sometimes twice.”

Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

drainspoutsSunday morning I woke to a rain that broke the heat of the previous two days. Someone mentioned that the temperature was 97 (F) on Friday.  The rain was accompanied by thunder and lightning and all was gone in almost a flash…about 40 minutes worth.

In some places where I’ve lived, rain is cause for moaning, despair by TV weather forecasters, a cause for panic at rush hour.  At the fellowship Sunday morning several people said how wonderful it was to wake to the rain, and a few were sad that the storm was as brief as it was.  A longer rain fell Monday night-early Tuesday morning and the ground was actually damp when I woke.  The temperature fell into the high 50s (F), so it was similar to that of the SF Bay Area for most of the morning.

I learned a new skill Sunday morning:  dodging the runoff.  Many buildings here do not have gutters that lead to drains running down the side of the building; instead, drains project out from the building and some project as far as the street, although most seem to project as far as some point above the sidewalk.  As many already know, San Miguel sidewalks can be obstacle courses with their cobblestones, utility poles, narrowness, window grates and boxes:  adding rain run-off from above that splashes onto the sidewalk makes walking to el Centro that much more of a sport.

Silly Song #5, Eddie Raven I Got Mexico


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