El dia de los locos

aIMG_0140The San Antonio church is visible from the casita and I was prepared for the start of the day at 6 a.m.  What I hadn’t anticipated was that after the first round of fireworks there would be an hour of bell ringing, three more rounds of fireworks within the half hour, and drumming.  I captured the dark of the night on video, but the medium didn’t do justice to the the volume of sound, and it also toned down the sound volume coming from the backs of the trucks that were entrants in the parade.  The truck in the photo was somewhat typical with its 15 amplifiers.  In our neighborhood music continued until about 1 a.m. Monday morning.

Video from the parade

The parade is organized according to four cuadros, and each of the cuadros has up to 16 grupos.  The grupos usually consist of a truck (San Miguel’s streets wouldn’t accommodate floats) and marchers walking alongside the truck.  Often there’s a theme such as Angry Birds, Grandmothers, Frogs, etc. There are also marchers unaffiliated with a grupo – the video shows some of these unaffiliated marchers.

Video of El dia de los locos desfile

Next in the lineup of myopic songs

Tim McGraw’s That’s Why God Made Mexico isn’t quite as obnoxious, misogynistic, or foolish as some others.  If it weren’t for the line about “Cuervo goes down nice and slow” the song might not have made the list.


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