Am I finished yet?

My change from girl to boy was far less dramatic than the distance anybody travels from infancy to adulthood.

Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex

IMG_0147Middlesex is a book so full of revelation that I was unable to finish it.  So much of the novel, whether it be a description of a city set afire or the thoughts of a young girl or the analysis of 20th century American society as revealed by immigrants and their families in Detroit, rings strikingly true.  There are paragraphs and passages that explain science more clearly than any science text.  For me the novel was so dense with import that I could read only a few pages at a time and I just never put enough pages behind me that I triumphed to its conclusion.

I have, however, finished the writing of a presentation I will give to the UU fellowship, most likely in September.  Its title, Why aren’t you more like me? gives no inkling to the contents, unless perhaps you know me.  It contains a lot of science and I think that was partly the reason it went through so many drafts; that and my need to keep honing the words, cutting here and there, seeking the duplicate ideas and pulling them together, refining the wording, making it more conversational in tone and less literary, arranging and rearranging the structure until it made sense from an emotional, not logical progression.  One challenge was to write for a 20-minute presentation.  Another challenge was to incorporate graphics.  The biggest challenge, though, was to make it more interesting than a lecture.  It’s good to be done, but, as always, I wonder how I’ll now fill my time.  There are unfinished projects that I should address and maybe I’ll do so.

The first challenge from the casita

Last Friday the gas pressure dropped, bounced back over the weekend, then disappeared today.  There is, as far as I can tell, no way to determine whether or not there is ample gas in the tank so there’s no way to tell when to request a delivery.

Another norteamericano caught between freedom and marriage

Beer in Mexico by Kenny Chesney


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