Something in the wind

It was a horrible smell, from somewhere down in the stomach of the world.

Ian Fleming, Diamonds Are Forever

narrowA Facebook friend posted an article from Huffington Post by Dr. Irene Levine titled 10 Reasons Why People Fall in Love With San Miguel de Allende.  Dr. Levine must have visited when #11 was not present.

Ex-pats have a new topic about which to complain as the summer high season peaks and the Chamber Music Festival moves into full performance mode.  The aroma wafting has been described in various ways:

  • I am fairly sure the stunk is from the mushroom farms Monte Rey Champinones and San Miguel Champinones on the road to Los Rodriguez.
  • It could be some previously unencountered kind of natural fertilizer being sprayed on fields, or some kind of processing of animal bits, like glue-making or tanning perhaps?
  • It is foul and gag-able. What the france is going on?
  • George thought it smelled like stockyards and /or burning trash.
  • Reminded me of a pig farm smell.
  • Maybe they are cook meth.
  • It definitely smells like the burning/ processing of some sort of animal flesh.
  • this is spread far and wide over the city.. there has to be an explanation..I noticed it around 10p… nasty
  • The city was spraying for mosquitos at about that time in Guadalupe last night.
  • The mayor is planting lawns (soccer fields). There does seem to be a new fertilizer-type smell lately.
  • What the???
  • This was farm stench, no doubt about it. Who wants to go to the Mayor’s office with me to express concern for our health, our property values, and the entire town’s tourism industry?
  • They are too busy killing people’s dogs.
  • Didn’t the municipio just open a slaughter house up on the road to Dr. Mora?
  • My gardener’s theory was that the pipas were watering parks etc at night with the water from the treatment facility which has a very strong odor.
  • Could it be the bodies of the killed ecologia dogs?

Nirvana has the answer … it

Smells Like Teen Spirit


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