To be a feather again

to be a feather again instead of a plummet, to float and not to drag

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tender Is The Night


The Jovenes Adelante office is in a small shopping center, Plaza Primavera, which sits in front of the Hotel Primavera.  There is a Sam’s Club, a pizza shop, a car dealership, a state office, and a few other businesses.  The office is small, but the staff has use of a room that is without electricity but is adjacent.  That is where I often work.

The other day there was a Board of Directors’ meeting at which I made a presentation, seeking approval for the database program that I had been developing.  That was the easy part of the day.  The afternoon was a general meeting of members at which I introduced the redesigned web site; I don’t often wear skirts, I am often nervous when making presentations, I hadn’t had the opportunity to test the network connection, the walls of the Biblioteca looked to be about 18 inches of concrete – almost impenetrable for wireless connectivity, and I don’t know what else was going on that made me unaware of the fact that one foot was holding my long skirt against the floor, a hidden captive to my visibility to the public.  When I went to stand I felt my outermost apparel slipping off my backside. I think I was able to undelicately grab hold of the disappearing garment and yank it back up somewhere near its original location.  There was a small amount of  audible laughter and I suspect a great deal more that was inaudible.

As is true for many nonprofit organizations, many members or supporters are passionate about the organization’s well-being.  My demonstration of the new web site design met with approval and one woman was almost moved to tears that the organization now looked to the public so professional.

Unrelated to the above, my son was able to find a salaried position with a company in Portland, OR and I am glad for him and his family.  It will be a big change in their lives, but sometimes big changes bring new energy and enthusiasm.


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