Too many photos

maceoI didn’t know which photo to post … there was one I missed early in the week, that might have been appropriate.  I was walking home one afternoon about 5 p.m. on Ancha San Antonio, the main road from Centro to the Mega supermarket, and that then goes on to Queretaro and other parts when I caught up with a funeral procession.  There was a white van with the deceased inside and there were many people on foot following the van – at least 60 or 70.  That was a foreshadow of events later in the week.  Tonight I passed a wedding procession on Ancha with many attendees dressed as if they were in the 1920s or 30s.  Both processions had bands and both walked at about the same rate of speed.

I decided on the photo of Maceo, who helps his Mom at the produce market on Cinco de Mayo where I shop.  Sometimes he has pencil and paper at the ready although he is yet to jot anything down, sometimes he weighs things, and always he’s cheerful.  He spends a lot of time in the store as you might guess by the toy cars in the background and he’s just one of those people who make your day more pleasant.  I decided on his photo because I need to counter the weight of the news that a San Miguel friend has died.  She had lived a full life, one well-traveled. She had had a good marriage and a good widowhood, had been one of the founders of several of the more successful non-profits in San Miguel and was – I thought – on the mend from a fall.

R, S’s husband, invited me to hear the Parker String Quartet and Shai Wosner at Teatro Angela Peralta tonight.  R mentors a student, a pianist, whom he had invited to the concert and his student couldn’t attend as he was going back to Mexico City.  S couldn’t attend – she had gone last night – and so I got to sit in a box and see how the other half live.  The ticket probably cost as much as my season at the symphony this past winter.  The program and musicians were outstanding, one of my favorite concerts ever.  Dvorak and Bartok … it was just delightful.


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