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The patience of the town of Bochum was sorely tried by four composers of the most modern tendency in one concert.

from a 1923 review of a concert in which Bartok and Schulhoff pieces were performed

tree rootsDuring the Wosner/Parker String Quartet concert one could hear musicians in neighboring bars as well as drumming from what may have been a carnival or some similar fiesta event From within Teatro Angela Peralta. The women in the box behind me said, under her breath, “Indians!”  Someone else mentioned that something like this would never be tolerated in New York.  The program Thursday night had included Bartok while Saturday night’s program included Schulhoff.  Both composers died in the 1940s, about 70 years ago.  I overheard someone complain about the Schulhoff piece, that it was “too modern.”

Some of the outdoor noise was due to the fact that a fashion show was taking place on Mesones, which  and sometimes haute couture becomes haute volume.

I’ve taken to riding the bus to the Jovenes Adelante offices and most of the time it is standing room only.  As we roll to a stop the doors open and people are standing on the steps, waiting to depart.  Sometimes those waiting to depart are parent and child and so a child early on learns when it’s safe – one doesn’t rely on someone else opening the door, one learns for oneself when it is safe.

The bus climbs and winds around the long hill from Mega to Soriana, two of the three supermarkets that ring the town.  Along the way the route overlooks the city, and one of the landmarks is a large duck that sits atop a building (a house? a workshop?) and which rivals the Parroquia for one’s attention.  Some say it is the work of an artist, but it is art in the same way that any advertising symbol (the Hollywood Dog that represented a hot dog chain?) is art.  Some say the artist created it in protest (of the beautification of San Miguel?).  If there is a cause it is lost on me, but never mind me, it amuses children of say two to five years of age who always say, “papi, papi, el pato!” (Daddy, Daddy, the duck!).  If the duck is art, then it works at a very elemental level.

School began this week at the elementary school and it was a delight to hear the children, although I appreciated the loudspeaker at 6 a.m. Monday morning that directed some activity much less than I appreciated the sounds of children playing.  Construction ceases on the building behind the casita while school is in session, then begins whenever the students have left the property.

D & her cousin R came over for dinner last night and we had a pleasant time outdoors.  They talked of previous lives, current lives, and the future, which for D includes a return to San Miguel next year to a housesit for very little money in a wonderful house.  Lucky her!

Today on the way back from the office I ran into BC and his friend D. BC told me that the house in which he rents an apartment has been sold.  That is an apartment I looked at and passed up; lucky me as I’d have been faced with BC’s dilemma of finding a new home.

Schullhoff String Quartet No.1


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