Saturday’s chores

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Marcel Proust

Man on a poleSaturday was chore day.  Jésus came to water the garden and other plants. I had as my list of tasks:

  • Enjoying the morning coffee
  • Booking an airline trip for my return to Mexico
  • Buying a bus ticket to Mexico City for the day of my departure
  • Laundry
  • Changing the sheets on the bed
  • Waiting for the water delivery
  • A visit to the Saturday farmer’s market, perhaps a trip to the supermarket, then the panaderia (bread baker).
  • In the late afternoon:  celebration of a friend’s birthday

So much for lists. Foghorn had left clothes in the dryer and the washer [from Tuesday] and the lint filter was totally clogged, so that slowed me a little on getting the laundry started, but I did get one load completed before the dryer refused to co-operate.  Halfway through the second load the dryer stopped, so I had clothes on hangers scattered throughout the apartment, air-drying.

The coffee went well (thank goodness!) as trying to book the air ticket online was a disaster.  Passwords, frequent flyer numbers, and banks conspired to keep the reservation from going through.  I tried again this morning (Sunday) with the same result, so I’ve asked the bank why why why as there’s sufficient money in my account to buy the ticket.

My friend’s party celebration was fun.  She’s a vibrant person with a rich life and is much appreciated by her friends.  There is a wonderful view from her balcony to La Presa (the reservoir) and west towards the mountains and that was a nice way to end the day, surrounded by interesting people who do good things and share of their lives so willingly.

Television here can be quite dismal, especially now that it’s football season in both the United States (college and professional) and around the world (what the U.S. calls soccer).  Yesterday there must have been half a dozen American football games going and at least the same number of international and then there are the channels that feature commentary on the games.  We no longer get the PBS channel from Seattle (it disappears periodically).  This has got to be the reason I’ve started writing the blog again.

Oh it’s Saturday, oh it’s Saturday with a hey nonny-nonny and a hot cha-cha


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