One year

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

Lucy Maude Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

october blossomOn November 7 I return to Mexico from a tourist-visa trip to the U.S. and that will mark a year and a day that I’ll have been living in Mexico.  I’ll again have just missed the celebrations around El día de los muertos (although there are, of course, celebrations in the San Francisco Bay Area – somehow it seems that my trips el norte cause me to miss some of the major celebrations here in San Miguel).

As part of the recognition that a year in Mexico has passed, I gave myself the project of listing the music and non-music videos that I’ve included in the blog during this time.  The list is on a page connected to the “About” page.  Many of the clips were somehow connected to events or sights here in San Miguel, such as La Bohème, or Mexico City such as Azulejos, the blue tiles.  As the year progressed my writing turned from history and culture and social concerns to simply reporting what took place during the day or week, such as when I got together with L yesterday for lunch, an impromptu event after a meeting for Jovenes.  L is from southern France, has lived in the South Pacific and Southeast Asia with her husband and children, and has a wonderfully clear perspective on life.  We had a few glasses of wine with lunch and as she related various mini-catastrophes from around the world, she had me laughing so that tears made me look like a clown.

Tomorrow D, my friend from The Netherlands, and I plan to go to Alma, a charity that once a month holds a sale of donated items.   I need nothing, but D came to Mexico with just two suitcases and so needs clothes for the colder weather.  We did this last month and marveled at the folks who scooted in, scooped up mountains of clothing, and departed before we had our bearings.

Always in the midst of indecision, I have begun to pack for the trip.  But which trip?  The return to Mexico in which I bring more personal items from home to make my new home more truly my space?  Or is it the trip north in which I begin to take things back to the U.S. because I have a scheme for Europe next year?  Or is it the trip north in which I take things back that I don’t use here, to make space available for other items?

We had two gray days earlier this week and with the gray skies came the cold, which has lingered for two additional days.  I love sweaters.  I love fall.  I love hot chocolate.  I love cold sheets that warm with your breath and body heat as you keep your head under the comforter and blankets and spread and top sheet until it gets too hot and you have to come up for cool air.

Laura Fygi – Les Feuilles Mortes

Laura Fygi sings wonderfully in Spanish, Dutch, French, English and Portuguese.


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