Sur les ailes du temps, la tristesse s’envole. (On the wings of time, sadness takes flight.)

Jean de La Fontaine

wingI’m not quite sure how to write about my time in California and that’s mostly because those trips bring up deep emotions, some of which conflict with one another.  I saw M and her sister, both of whom I care about and that was the best part of the trip.  Relationships change over time and absence accelerates not only the changes, but also my awareness of them.  Unlike other visits to the U.S. I had neither sadness at leaving San Miguel nor happiness at returning – that sense of returning “home” was missing.  While in California, M and I planned a trip to visit my son and his wife in Oregon at the beginning of December, so perhaps that changed some of the “home” feelings; I’m not sure why that should be so.

I made my way to the storage locale and was able to find some items useful in Mexico, things that are either hard to find, expensive, or just things that I didn’t want to buy again and which would be likely to be left behind when and if I leave San Miguel.  M and I went clothes shopping in San Francisco, which was fun, and I also bought toiletries, vitamins and supplements, and other things that are more expensive in San Miguel.  One suitcase weighed in at 22 kilos, one less than the allowable limit.

The flight and bus ride back to San Miguel were the easiest and shortest of any I’ve had so far.  The overnight flight was non-stop from San Francisco which saved more than two hours of travel and the taxi from the airport to the del Norte bus station dropped me off with just enough time to buy my ticket and step onto the bus, so I was at the casita by 11 a.m. – I think the trip can’t be done in any less time unless there were no traffic in Mexico City.

Yesterday I attended two meetings that lasted from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and they took me back to days in the corporate world, where latecomers to a project believe it necessary for their peace of mind to question all decisions that took place before their involvement was needed.

On Wings of Song (Mendelssohn)


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