You only meet your once in a lifetime friend … once in a lifetime.

Stymie, Little Rascals

outside Farley'sI write this Sunday morning, a pleasant-looking day and a little cool.  I postpone errands while I muse on boleros, which I love.  Not the jacket, in which I would look ridiculous should I wear one. Nor the dance, which I cannot perform (except for the stamping of feet, but I suspect most everyone can do that). Ever since John Derek directed the movie “10” I have been unable to appreciate Ravel’s piece.  Nor do I love the so-named movie that again starred his wife Bo Derek, a movie which Roger Ebert – in a move of extreme generosity – gave 1/2 star.  Ebert’s 1984 review began:

“Bolero” is a film starring Bo Derek as a woman who believes that the cure for a man’s impotence is for his woman to train as a bullfighter.

The bolero I love is the Latin love song, and my favorite performer is José Feliciano.

Contigo Aprendi


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