For millions of years flowers have been producing thorns. For millions of years sheep have been eating them all the same.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

busstopThe day after I took the photo of the cacti growing atop the bus stop, they were gone.  Crews have been working around town at the bus stops, doing who knows what to make them look better.  I see piles of rock and dirt near the stops, and the shelters’ roofs now look blacker, which might be due to a new coat of paint.  Someone must feel better about this new state of affairs, most likely the mayor.

The northamericans are not happy with this man, just as they grew to be disenchanted with the former mayor, a woman.  Rumors abound that he is on the take, that he only cares about his businesses (I believe-but do not know) that he is an investor in the proposed McDonalds, that he owns a bar or two where rich Mexican City youth spend up to $2,500 a night on weekends.  I hear that he may have connections to the narco world.  People tell me that their maids tell them that they are not to say such things in public.  There are complaints that the plants he ordered at monuments at the entrances to town (at the glorietas) are high-maintenance, that the plants that had previously been put in by a norteamericano had been ecologically sound and low maintenance.  The plants have changed several times just since I’ve been here and one monument now seems surrounded by greenery that looks something like iris, although they aren’t.  Ecologically sound plants often do not generate jobs beyond their installation, unless they do not survive.

Two members of the board of directors of the organization at which I volunteer do not get along, which is not all that surprising given the nature of volunteer organizations and the people who seek such positions, and their displeasure with one another is now public in the form of barbed emails, loaded with name-calling and surprisingly – given the forthright nature of some of their attacks – accusatory innuendos.  Their actions require other members to step in and tell the two how to behave, which does not nothing to cause the bees to retreat to the hive.

A major landmark and institution for the ex-pat community, the Biblioteca Publica, is threatened with having to move as its 50-year lease with the federal government has expired and it appears that the government does not want to renew.  The Biblioteca serves as a landmark for tourists as well:  it also serves as a place where expats and Mexicans come together.  It is prime real estate in Centro.


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