El Día de la Revolución

treetops3It’s warm again, to everyone’s relief.  Tecolotes have begun to appear in the markets and guayabas (guavas) are again plentiful.  At the supermarket today I noticed frozen turkeys and turkey legs (at over $6 and $10 US a pound, respectively) while turkey breasts had been sold out.

The holiday celebrating the Revolution of 1910 is the 20th, which this year falls on Wednesday; the federal holiday was Monday, the 18th.

On Sunday D and I attended a piano concert by Alexander Pashkov that took place at St. Paul’s church. Grieg, Schubert, and Mendohlsson. D picked up that Pashkov passed over one of the 17 pieces and changed the rhythm of another.  I was unaware of this, of course.  She made lunch which we ate before the 4 pm concert, then we talked for a few hours afterwards.

I’ve been without internet access at the casita since workmen have moved furniture to refinish the floors in the main house.  That means I’ve been getting to bed earlier:  930, 10, 9 and 11 instead of my usual midnite to two.

I went grocery shopping at the supermarket Monday and the store was crowded as people used the holiday to do chores at the end of their long weekend.  As I go about town I now often see more than the one known whom I know:   today it was T.H. from Jovenes and R.D. from the UUs at the supermarket; yesterday at the concert it was J&J from the opera fundraiser, LS from JA, and LS from the UUs.

Edvard Grieg, Lyric Pieces (Lyriske stykker)


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