St. Cecilia’s Day

Follow your saint, follow with accents sweet;
Haste you, sad notes, fall at her flying feet.

Thomas Campion, Follow Your Saint

st cecilia

community museum of Sta Catarina Lachatao in Oaxaca, Mexico

D, who currently keeps house for me, told me that L, her sister and my former housekeeper, had her baby this morning at 8 a.m., a boy, delivered via C-section. D said “this is the last one!” and made a gesture with her hand indicating that L had her tubes tied. L and her husband now have three children. I asked if the baby has a name and D said no, but maybe it will be Cecilio in honor of the saint, but she added that the family isn’t religious.

Cecilia was a Roman betrothed to Valerian, who converted to Christianity at her request.  Hearsay has it that she hung out for three days after her death and bequeathed her home to the Church to be used as a church.

The last three nights have had rain beginning around midnight and Friday morning’s rain was accompanied by a terrific thunder and lightning display including the loudest thunder clap I’ve ever experienced. D said she bolted awake at the sound of it. After returning to sleep I was awakened at 6 by a half-hour cannonade, followed by church bells.  Winter has arrived in San Miguel.

1-man 4-part band


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