Monday before Christmas

I never believed in Santa Claus because I knew no white dude would come into my neighborhood after dark.

Dick Gregory

showerIt’s very odd, this Christmas season.  Last year, because I was new to Mexico, I was much more aware of the Mexican traditions than I am this year.  I suspect there’s a Posada (or perhaps was?) in the neighborhood, but I know nothing about it (obviously).  I haven’t ventured into Centro to see the lights at night, although I have seen the tree in front of the Parroquia during the day.  D has invited a few people over for a Christmas potluck and I have plans to Skype with friends and family on Christmas Day.  There’s a New Year’s Day party to which I’ve been invited.

Despite the barrage of commercials from American television stations my desire for diamonds has not escalated (to anything higher than its previous state) and I have developed no desire for chocolate diamonds or diamonds guaranteed to be more brilliant and I’m afraid I haven’t quite learned to “read” charm bracelets.  Somehow I have grown more suspicious of those entities wishing me goodwill but who are desirous of being monopolies in their chosen businesses. My head aches from the cheerful tones of the salespeople from the company that pays wages such that its employees must augment their pay with government programs designed for the destitute cause.

The landlords hired a workman to repair the shower and he’s had to replace parts of the plumbing as well as the fixture.  Not as elegant as the original fixture, the new fixture will perhaps be more functional.  D, the husband, has been doing some gardening, adding some colorful plants here and there.  It’s nice to have neighbors who are pleasant and conversant.

One of my grandsons has created a list for Santa that includes both perfume and a pet goat for his mother.

My time as a volunteer will end sometime after the beginning of the year.  I’ve found that the organization isn’t ready to make use of database software and that it’s better that it continue using the tools it’s used in the past.  The advantages of moving forward are outweighed by the disadvantages of moving forward (mostly inertia and reluctance to learn).  If it were a paid position, I might be tempted to push for change, but it’s less frustrating for me to resign and put my time into my own neglected projects.

Las Posadas


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