I posted this on Facebook

I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Alice in Wonderland

un dia tan oscuraIt rained most of last night, it’s started again this morning, and it’s forecast to last another day or more. It’s such a dark day – un día tan oscuro.  Last year we had no rain in December, but there were heavy rains around the middle of January of this year.  This morning D & R, the landlords, were out checking downspouts and eaves for leaks.

The shower is still awaiting the tile man. As a result I used the outdoor shower Christmas Day and it was wonderful to have great water pressure and both hot and cold controls that seemed to be immediately responsive. If it weren’t for the task of gathering robes, towels, soaps, shampoos etc. for the trek outdoors I’d continue to use that shower (except on a day like today when I’d end up traipsing through the rain).

I dreamt last night of moving, a major move in which I deconstructed the house I was living in, packing its bricks and sticks into a truck where things had become topsy-turvy and items has fallen all about.

Gaga over Born this Way

I also posted this version of the song on my Facebook page today.


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