You used to be much more…”muchier.” You’ve lost your muchness.

The Mad Hatter

plazaI was in the Jardin late in the afternoon on my way home from the hair salon and people had already begun to gather for the New Year’s Eve festivities but I had no intention of staying in the Jardin until midnight.  Earlier in the day I had been invited to a party for last night, which I declined.  I am afraid I’ve lost my muchness, too.

Based on reports gathered from a party I attended today, the fireworks last night were spectacular.  I had a difficult time focusing at conversations at the party as I am try to wrap myself around my sudden (albeit renewed) fascination with Alice in Wonderland as well as Much Ado About Nothing.

It is a New Year and I am struggling with why we celebrate the beginning of the New Year so many days after the winter solstice, which to me seems a much more realistic beginning to the year; the day after the solstice I could sense the day longer.  I have no words or resolutions or promises for the New Year.  Maria Valdez, however, in writing of some New Year’s customs in the Latin world wrote the following:

As I mentioned earlier, I personally like to buy a new dress for the new year, but a lot of people buy new underwear. If you’re looking for love, your best choice is to wear red underwear, as it is believed that it will help you find your soulmate and/or give you an amorous year. Wearing yellow underwear means that you will have a prosperous year in your personal finances.

Alice In Wonderland (Fain/Hilliard), Bill Evans


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