Three wise women would have asked directions, arrived on time, helped deliver the baby, brought practical gifts, cleaned the stable, made a casserole and there would be peace on earth.


Epiphany (Bosch)On Saturday the sun returned in full strength and it was nice to sit at an open-air café again. While today is officially Epiphany, Sunday was the day most San Miguelenses celebrated Three  Kings’ Day:  church bells rang in full force in the morning and I think there was a parade nearby as I heard loud drumming.  I had a hard time getting out of bed despite the fact I had wanted to hear Tom Rosiello talk about forgiveness at the UU Fellowship.  I never made it.

I did make it to a  concert Saturday evening at the Teatro Angela Peralta. The San Miguel International Symphony gave its first performance of the new year and it got off to a rough start, the audience did not seem very experienced at attending symphonic concerts, but by the end of the night all was fine.  The audience was small and if the orchestra is to survive, it needs to market itself better.  It is a small orchestra, only about 14 or so pieces, but they played Ravel’s Pavane pour une enfant defunte more sweetly than I’ve ever heard it.  They also performed the overture from La princesse jaune from St Saens’ opera of the same name, something I hadn’t heard performed live.  The orchestra, comprised of local musicians, had its first season in 2013.

My shower has been repaired.  There was a week gap between the plumbing and the installation of the tiles, but it’s been accomplished.  When the tile man came, his boss noticed that there was a leak and so the plumber returned to make that repair.  The tile work is amazing – it’s difficult to know where the new and old tiles are and the grout/cement match is also well-done.


The mayor is on a campaign, according to unofficial sources, to squash the spread of rumors.  Some of the rumors floating about include suspected ties to the Michoacán familia, the profits he is making from his six (or eight) bars, the rampant crime including murders in the U.S. community, the push for tourism (at all costs) especially among wealthy Mexicans which is somehow looked upon with disdain by the norteamericanos.  There is talk of policemen abusing the poor (including police officers demanding that the poor give up sandwiches they’ve recently purchased) and that the mayor is hiring police from Michoacán where the police are notoriously mean and have strong ties to the familia,

There is always a certain amount of this gossip, some of which is reported by gardeners and maids to their gringa employers, but it has been fueled by recent violent crime, including an increase in burlaries.  The most recent violent crime was that of a 58-year old American male who was found stuffed in his refrigerator.  Rumors include accusations that he was a pedophile and another that he was in the drug trade, some say ….  It is often difficult to find the truth here, as in many places, especially Washington D.C., but I’m simply reporting on the rumors I’ve heard.

These rumors were gathered Saturday morning as I volunteered.  The discussion included, of course, a trashing of the new bus stops, which has some validity, as the shelters have no walls to protect against wind and rain.  The trashing extended to the fact that I-beams were used to support the stone walls; as some people think that a stone wall almost a meter thick should be able to stand on its own without the support of I beams.



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