At the salon

… he is pure air and fire

Shakespeare, Henry V

candelaria entrance 2At the salon today, inadvertently, I learned that last weekend an American woman was killed by her horse.  Apparently, she was in the horse’s stall when the horse reared and then trampled her.  She did not survive the attack.  It was about this time last year that Joyous Heart, another American woman, was found stabbed to death at her home.

A memorial service was held in the Parque Juarez on Monday for the woman who was attacked by her horse and it is at Parque Juarez where the Candelaria flower festival and sale is being held.  My hair stylist is wary of the plants sold there; she says they aren’t from this region and so may not last long or well.  Last year I thought about buying flowers, but this year there is a garden replete with gardener where I live, and so have no space for them; I have considered buying herbs, though, because I’ve missed having fresh herbs.  I live closer to the festival this year and it would be easy to bring a few herbs home.


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