Monkey Fists

…there was but a chaos of gory odds and ends of turbans and fezzes and plaids and bones and flesh–not a specimen left alive. These Reasoning Animals had disagreed on a theological detail and carried the matter to a Higher Court.

Mark Twain, Letters from the Earth

IMG_0956Yesterday I had conversations with Mary and Joe, separately, at different times.  I also know a Charles and Diana.  As is often the case in San Miguel, questions such as “what brought you here?” arise.  For Mary and Joe, independently of each other (as they are not a couple, nor are Charles and Diane), they expressed a loss of comfort with living in the U.S.  They are both comfortable from a material perspective, one of them very comfortable in fact.  For one, who has lived here almost a year, there is a sense of having arrived at home in Mexico; the other is seeking to move from southern California to another place in the United States.  Their discomfort also had nothing to do with safety or perceived safety and both, in fact, see Americans greatly obsessed with fear:  a blemish on an apple, the sun in the sky, their neighbor (whom Americans often do not know), the known, the unknown, their child’s education (oddly, for many, it is not the lack of education their children are receiving), and on and on.

Mark Morford has written an interesting analysis of the incessant drive for more (more profits, more product, more things, more, more, more) titled The Devil in the Pie Chart.  It is from that essay that I stole today’s title for my post.

Monkey Man


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