Thomas Crown Affair, 1999

Damn, I hate being a foregone conclusion.

Catherine, The Thomas Crown Affair

neighborhood 4I’ve come down with some malady, a flu or cold.  Achy joints, chills, eyeballs feel like they’re the size of lemons, and I have to decide whether to breathe or chew, as I can’t do both at the same time.  I suspect this came about because I went to Painter M’s apartment Saturday night where we had a couple of drinks, and then to the roof-top bar at MX, where we met up with L and her friend’s birthday party.  It was cold there after 9 and I didn’t leave until 12:30.  I didn’t feel the same after that and today I’ve been watching movies all day, which included the remake of The 1969 movie, The Thomas Crown Affair.  I was never a Steve McQueen fan but I do like Pierce Brosnan, so this version was a winner for me from the start.  The locale had switched from stuffy Boston to chic New York, from Crown’s bank to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the wealth seemed wealthier and all that.  A great diversion from my aches.  The movie’s theme music is every bit as lovely as ever.

Painter M gave me a great line that night:  “everyone in San Miguel is either wanted or not wanted.”  I think I encountered someone who fits both categories on Tuesday.  A guy in town wants to update his web site and through Kathie D, we connected.  He told me much more than I ever wanted to know about his life, including the fact that he has very little money due to his former French wife extracting $6 million during the course of a nine-year divorce.  I wonder why people tell me these things.  How much did he think I was going to charge?  I’m doing it in return for his making a donation to the NGO I volunteer for.  Did he think I was interested in him personally?  How could I be after he revealed his recent surgeries.  Oh, and if he sells some of his artwork he’s going to move in with his girlfriend, who owns a house; he’ll use the money from the sale to finance the addition to the house.  He did pay for breakfast.

Michel LeGrand (comp.)


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