A year later

Some letters may take the whole of our lifetime to write.

Thích Nhất Hạnh

bcWhen I arrived in San Miguel, one of the first people I met was BC May, who lived in the apartment opposite mine in Santa Julia.  We occasionally see one another about town and he introduced me to someone who’s proven to be a good friend.  One of BC’s loves is dancing and another is the theater, whether it be acting, directing or attending.  This weekend he is performing in Love Letters at the Shelter Theater.  I hope I’ll have recovered from the flu so I can attend.

Last February I wrote about El Día del Amor y la Amistad (of course), the opera, dogs, storkists, Joyce Schuman, Candlemas and quite a bit more.  Much of what I wrote was triggered by the neighborhood of Santa Julia; my current neighborhood doesn’t inspire me in the same way.

A year ago I had a list of things that I thought I would bring to San Miguel from the states.  The crossed out items are now SoB.

  • Molinillo (for making hot chocolate) – haven’t needed it
  • Press pot coffee (I can’t find one in the stores here)li>
  • Ceramic tea pot (another item I can’t seem to find) – I haven’t located it in my trips to the storage area
  • Tea cozy (mornings here are chilly and it’s surprising how quickly my tea goes cold) – same
  • Wool throw (a gift from a friend and it would be perfect at certain times)
  • Heavy sweaters (I have two with me but they’re getting threadbare, and I have two more that I could use)
  • Hoodie (it’s just the right thing for certain cool mornings and warm days)
  • Sheets (they’re expensive here and I have so many in storage) – based on this past winter, I definitely need to bring my flannel sheets
  • One or two more outdoor vests (lighter weight) – found one of the two, but not the prettier color

Love Letters


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