A perfect Mexican moment

A lot of people said to me…”We want to hear the Mexican play the guitar!”

Carlos Santana


Boots behind bars

Sue and I were riding the #5 bus from near the office to Mega last Tuesday.  I’ve never been to the Tuesday market but I understand it is extremely busy, and the bus was crowded with riders returning home from the market.  The bus also had kids returning home from school, and as it was after 5 p.m., there were workers, obviously, returning home as well.  The bus was totally packed, people standing three across in the aisle built for two, butt to butt.  In the middle of our throng, guitar neck pointed at the roof and body pressed against his own, was a singer who also played a multi-tubed flute or pipe reminiscent of Andean instruments, and that was attached to a harmonica holder around his neck.  I didn’t have enough room in which to maneuver to put my change into my purse, yet he managed to play both instruments and sing.  And pass the hat.

Samba Pa Ti/Mexico


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