Both would have kept their proper distance still,
if the chaste moon hadn’t swiftly drawn the drapes
of a dark cloud, coupling their shapes.

Derek Walcott, Europa

IMG_1021My friends here are mostly European:  England, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands.  There are Americans, too, of course, but somehow my deepest bonds are forming with those from the continent named after the beautiful daughter of the Phoenician king Agenor and his wife, Telephassa.

Barbieri & Santana

For me, maybe the most erotic pop composition.  A song that captures the meeting of Zeus’ bull and the Phoenician princess, jazz taking rock, North and South American latinos battling over the melody, much like the god’s ravaging of the mortal.  What better combination than the cocky Argentinian, so full of himself, and the seductive guitar of Santana? Ya gotta love the afros. And the bell bottoms. Have you ever seen a bassist ever get more charged? The percussionists cannot go fast enough for the needs of the two lovers. All of this in front of a 1970s television audience who appear totally unaware of the tale they’ve just heard.  Be prepared:  this is full-form Barbieri and not everyone savors his approach.


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