Miss Shaw, Redux

Unapproved though prequalified (yarr)

Justin Debrosse, Borrowing a loan to pay the bank to reward the future

IMG_1148I had made the decision to not attend the high school reunion, but on last night’s episode of Person of Interest there was Miss Shaw and Det. Fusco sitting in a bank in my hometown.  My home town is an enclave of the 1 per centers.  Investment bankers too tired to make the trip all the way to Westport or Darien make my hometown their town, as do numerous athletes, politicians and entertainers.  The banker in that episode is a two-finger typist who cannot remember his password, and can’t quite remember how to access a bank balance.  While that was a nice touch, when Fusco steps away to answer a phone call, Miss Shaw is left with the banker and she’s seen slowly reaching for the letter opener in the desk caddy.  Again, she’s captured my feelings in those situations.

But there it was in my face again.  My hometown.

Time, and Time Again

I try to cheat the advancement of time.  Not in big ways, but little.  For example, there are the vitamins and supplements I take, there’s the basura (garbage) truck, the bottled water delivery.  Cyclic:  daily, M-W-F and Tu-Th-Sa.  Clockwork.  I cannot do much about the water and garbage, but I can play with the supplements.  I put them in a dispenser with cells for 7-days worth of vitamins; but that would mark a week, a reminder that again I’m sliding towards the final base on a softball diamond.  So, I put two extra day’s worth of capsules in small bowls so I get a nine-day week.  When it’s time to refill all, I still feel as if the time has itself slid by far too rapidly, that the catcher is standing there with the ball, ready to tag me out.

Person of Interest


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