In my dreams …..
the sky is like a canvas,
my soul all colors,
and my body a feather brush
in the hands of a blowing child.

Diciembre Aguilar, Sky Diver Poem

Rome has its Spanish Steps.  Here in San Miguel I have the Callejon del Chorro steps.  The other day as I climbed them I found a message (You are in the most silent place in San Miguel that we could find), written in blue, in the corner where the steps go from open sunlight to shade.  The message was at the corner of the blue house; I looked up at the sky, a color found in many parts of the world, of course, but for me it is now Mexican blue; there are many Mexican blues, those of the Carribbean, the Pacific, the Gulf, but here in the highlands, is my Mexican blue.

Mexican Blues


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