In a state

This time…
This time…
This time…
This time…

UNKLE, In A State


I encountered the two Canadian men who are neighbors in one of the houses next IMG_1218door as I walked home and they informed me that the family in the main house left this morning.  They thought the kids rather noisy and and when the kids were noisy, their little dogs got noisy.  Yippy-yappy is the appropriate term.  Then the men went on to say that it was better than all the noise from the schools.

I’m sorry.  I side with kids every time they’re up against yippy-yappy creatures whose dry food lunch costs more than most Mexican kids’ meals for the day.


There’s an article in this week’s Atencion titled A Day in a Magical Town and it’s a little misleading, I feel.  There are some things here whose manufacture are certainly magical:  carnitas, fresh hand-made tortillas almost everywhere, terrific roasted chicken – but, the town?  I don’t think so.  Although it was magical how everyone seemed to disappear.  The throngs that crowded everywhere during the past weekend have gone leaving diners to leisurely enjoy a breakfast near the Jardin.

In the newly descended tranquility of Magic Town, I easily found space on a bench in the shade at the Jardin and drank a latte and enjoyed a palmier.  I watched a member of the newspaper vending family toss a coin in the air:  four boys tried to guess heads or tails as the coin descended.  I don’t know if the coin-tosser was an uncle or grandfather, but he held the four boys’ attention.  Dad picked up his cart and headed to get more papers, accompanied by one of the boys who, taking huge strides to stay in-step with Dad, flashed a huge grin as they passed the shoe-shine man and one of the toy men (who was talking to the helado [ice cream] vendor) – the boy was absolutely consumed with pride to be there with his dad and mom while they worked.  You see, everyone knows his mom and dad:  they are important in that community of vendors.


Miss Shaw at the reunion


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