Only an aunt can give hugs like a mother, can keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend.

Spanish proverb

IMG_1507Before I left for the U.S. I wrote about the price of roasted chicken here in San Miguel and how it had increased ten pesos since the beginning of the year.  It went up another five pesos while I was gone, so now in many places it is 80 pesos, an increase of more than 20 per cent since the beginning of the year.

Storm 2

The news reports tonight’s four-plus-hour rain storm and last night’s storm are due to Hurricane Amanda, located in the Pacific southwest of Puerto Vallarta.  Hurricane season has begun a month ahead of schedule.


A niece, who lives near Chicago, contacted me via Facebook.  I had contacted my sister, her mom, when I lived in Chicago to tell her of impending changes in my life, but then nothing happened in terms of getting together or staying in contact.  Now my sister is facing some health issues and my niece, who left home when she turned 16,  and her brother are struggling with how to deal with a woman who is now more difficult than ever to understand and support.

Encouraged and dismayed

She was plumper and had not defended herself against time

Iris Murdoch, Under the Net

In a move of psychological self-defense, I left my electronic scale in Portland with my son.  It is a good scale, replete with body-mass indicators and other such stuff.  I had learned what I had wanted to learn regarding my weight while in California when I visited my doctor, and M’s scale confirmed the doctor’s report.  My weight was less than I had feared but more than I had hoped.  When I got back to San Miguel I believed I could institute some sort of exercise/stretching/yoga/less food regime.  When I tried on a two-piece bathing suit and found that my shape was still a significant departure from the ideal, or even tolerable (yet it had somehow managed to sneak in a few pleasing adjustments), I began my new regimen:   it took more days to implement than I had hoped but fewer than I expected.

Rufus Thomas, Funky Chicken

I hadn’t considered this dance as part of the new workout plan, but perhaps I should.


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