Pesky Nonagenarians

Money is property; it is not speech.

Justice John Paul Stevens

bookcoverYesterday afternoon I read to Farley, the 97-year-old retired Unitarian-Universalist minister.  We try to make the reading a weekly occurrence.  His housekeeper, Lola (four of whose daughters have graduated university), fixes us lunch so we talk a bit before reading.  Because he hasn’t found any books of interest, for the past two weeks we’ve read from the New York Review of Books. which has allowed us to explore and discuss a number of topics.  One review we read was of Six Amendments:  How and Why We Should Change the [U.S.] Constitution by retired U.S. Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens (age 94) .  Anyone who has read Constitutional law will know that – while seemingly irrational and wrong-headed at times – decisions of that Court often require examining issues from many perspectives.  Based on the review, Justice Stevens’ brain is as nimble and alert as ever.

Betty White

From three years ago, so she was only 88 at the time of this tribute to Morgan Freeman.


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