If you’re not in the parade, you watch the parade. That’s life.

Mike Ditka

It was a busy weekend:  the conclusion of the San Antonio celebration with fireworks early morning and late at night, music at all hours, the parade on El día de los locos, a food festival in Parque Juárez (which Laetitia and the children and I attended), and the beginning of the world cup (the day that Mexico defeated Cameroon, I heard a cheer from the school next door when Mexico scored its goal).  Then there was the recital Saturday of Marius and Maelis and other of Jesús’ young music students.

Last year I photographed mainly participants in the parade.  This year I looked at the onlookers and the city.  The upturned umbrellas are to catch the candy tossed by parade participants to (sometimes at) the crowd.  Later in the afternoon one could see young men carrying guitars to homes where they were welcomed loudly and warmly, sometimes by musicians who had already begun to play for parties.

2013 Desfile

Nine minutes from a three-plus hour parade of originality.  Video by Clemente Torres.


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