Summer Rain

Bangkok, like Las Vegas, sounds like a place where you make bad decisions.

Todd Phillips

Slide1The summer rains began a few days ago; the season officially begins today.  Huge gray clouds that come and go and cover the entire sky.  Thunder without warning, unaccompanied by lightning.  Lightning with no thunder.  The clouds come and go, leaving the ground dry.  Then it rains, torrents at first, then lets up.  Several times a day, most often overnight.

And suddenly I was homesick for Thailand, which isn’t my home at all.

The diamond-shaped illustration represents my decision-tree with regard to my next destination.  The diagram puts equal weight on each destination, but the emotions involved in the decision-making are totally in favor of Bangkok.

I’ve been checking flights and their prices.  I’ve been looking at maps, the warrens of streets, alleys, side streets, dead ends, thoroughfares.  In the past the maps have proved intimidating – now I’m totally mesmerized.

I do not fare well in muggy, hot climates – I was very uncomfortable at times when I visited Bangkok several years ago and my time living in Miami, Florida was that of taking two showers a day – yet the muggy weather here of the past few days accompanied by downpours made me itchy to travel.

I look at the apartment listings in Bangkok, look at the photos of the meager, boring-looking studios, and compare them to the wonderful space I have now and am still drawn by that city.  I look at my photos from a few years ago.  I think of K and wonder what she’s doing now.  I think about how cold last December was in my wonderful San Miguel space.  It even turned cold today as the sun has disappeared for almost a day and a half now.


A musical that involved ABBA and Sir Tim Rice.   You’ve got Soviets, Gorby,  the 80s, a Cold War with chess as a political ploy.


There was some absolutely gorgeous music in the show as well.





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