Three Days in a Row

One’s real life is often the life that one does not lead.

Oscar Wilde, L’Envoi

Plumeria, Benjasiri Park, BangkokIn the United States – in many places – June is Gay Pride Month. I’ve been relatively unaware of it here, as the World Cup dominates Mexican television and if the Florida TV channels that I receive have covered Gay Pride events, I haven’t been aware of it. There will be a huge parade this coming Sunday in the Bay Area, but I’ve received no news of it from my friends there. Last Sunday was the Los Angeles parade. The only time I’ve participated in any Pride Parade was in Chicago when I marched with the Second Unitarian Universalist Church contingent and it was a wonderful experience to know that so many viewers thought you were not just okay, but were in fact, terrific – just for being you.

The videos for today and the next two days will focus on the T world. The first focuses on the world of the Pacific islanders and Southeast Asia. We tend to think that the societies in that part of the world are more easy-going with regard to gender, but that isn’t always so.

Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia


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