Going to the dogs

You say, as I have often given tongue
In praise of what another’s said or sung,
‘Twere politic to do the like by these;
But was there ever dog that praised his fleas?

William Butler Yeats

Pierre from tencentheart.tumblr.comI’m not really sure how I ended up at the blog tencentheart.tumblr.com but I did and you should, too, if you’re interested in seeing some highly bizarre photos of baguettes as accessories.  We have that blog to thank for today’s feature photo of Pierre.

And Pierre is featured because I went to the UUs today and since I started attending services again a few months ago, I’ve noticed a new person attending service.  This young woman has a small dog with her and she carries the dog in a small carrier somewhat like a backpack.  I usually do not get to the services in time to hear the “joys and concerns” comments, but the two times I have recently done so, this woman has made some very emotional pleas about the care of four-legged creatures and their spirits.  During this morning’s plea she mentioned reconciliation of some sort, which I quickly interpreted to mean something about the San Miguel Civil List, the electronic bulletin board from which I self-exiled some time ago, but which Dutch Diana mentioned yesterday as we caught up on gossip while at the ALMA sale.

According to my friend, the list has become very uncivil, either over dogs, dog food, the dog shelter, those who run the dog shelter or any and all topics related to dogs; things have degenerated to the point where members of the civil list are now looking to file lawsuits against one another (slander?) and have turned the dog diatribe into a plea for help as to how to file a lawsuit in Mexico.  It is hard to convey just how uncivil debate can become there (and also how a posting can trigger myriad series of threaded debate just barely vaguely connected to the original post.  Debate can quickly spread from saving dogs, to saving cats, the planet, Mexicans (from themselves), Mexicans (from norteamericano help), Norteamericanos (from Mexicans), Norteamericanos (from Norteamericanos), trees, aquifers, art, the historic district, and whatever else is au courant.  The best analysis of the civil list is found at Rich Landers’ blog, The Gangs of San Miguel.

Yet another song written for dogs


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