The Women of July

Toujours comme des sœurs
Où qu’on soit
Toujours là
Au fond de nos cœurs


white blossomIt ‘s odd how so many of my friends here in San Miguel are named Diane or Diana, one of whom I saw for hours and hours on Saturday and another with whom I spent hours and hours on Sunday.  Diane is also the name of one of my sisters.  Diane M, whom I saw on Sunday, mentioned that she wanted to see Amadeus Sunday evening as her uncle had a role in the movie as well as several other notable movies (Hair, Taking Off, Ragtime and The Red Violin).

Diane M is having a birthday party in the middle of the month.  Hers is but one of the July birthdays for women who have been friends or otherwise played a significant role in my life, beginning with my mother and with the most recent being Maelis – both of whom were born on 4 July (although in different centuries).  The two women with whom I lived the longest time were born on the 11th and 16th, my closest friend from long ago on the 20th, another good friend on the 11th.  And Dutch Diana’s birthday was yesterday.



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