Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order.

Samuel Beckett

happy everythingOn my most recent trips to the states I’ve returned to Mexico on a flight that leaves San Francisco around 11:30 at night.  Sometimes (infrequently) I’m able to sleep on the plane and if the timing is right in Mexico City, I’m able to connect with a bus that puts me in San Miguel around 11 a.m. Again, sometimes, but not often, I’m able to sleep on the bus.  I wasn’t able to sleep on either the plane or the bus on this trip and so I arrived home somewhat lumpy and grumpy, a headache in every cell, a nap in every atom..

Getting through immigration and customs was a breeze as we were the only international flight to have landed in several hours and I was the first person to reach the Extranjeros immigration line.  The cab driver tried to sell me on a trip elongation; he said I would be home in San Miguel much faster if he drove me than if I kept to my plan of taking the bus, and of course he thought the fare of tres mil pesos (about $250 US) entirely reasonable for the cab ride.  I didn’t sleep on the bus and instead stared at Denzel on the screen and watched the most amazing green countryside for hundreds of kilometers.  Green in the fields, green across the flatlands, on the hillsides, even rushing up the mountains, down into the valleys:  green from trees, cacti, corn, alfalfa, grasses, melons, beans, squash:  such a sharp contrast to what I had expected for mid-August in the altiplano.

Having just spent two weeks in mostly hot and humid weather, the cool air of the highlands, even in the mid-day sun was refreshing.

Usually I arrive home to a lardless larder, having forgone grocery shopping for the last-minute rearrangement of items in suitcases, but this time I had all I could ever have wanted from the pantry, frig and freezer:  freshly purchased ground coffee, chicken paprikash, pozole, bolillos and lentil soup in the freezer, there was an unopened half-gallon of milk and butter in the frig, plenty of tea on the shelf.  So I napped for an hour and when I woke to an extremely long late afternoon storm of rain, lightning, and thunder that went on for several hours, I had absolutely no need to go out.  I made tea after the nap, defrosted the bolillos and chicken paprikash, snuggled into the lap robes, and after listening to the rain and its electrical orchestra, turned on the TV and drank a cup of hot chocolate.

Manu Chao


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