Boo hoo

I have
that exile’s sense of recreation
& believe rebirth is possible
from the wreck of our common misery
& that songs are clear when sung

by heroes, but not in this epoch.

Joel Lewis, from Making a Meal Out of It

I would love to give credit to someone for today’s photo. I found it on Feministing and there was a broken link to Instagram. That’s all I know.


October 12 – Nothing to celebrate

My screenplay didn’t advance to the next round of the competition in England. But it did make it to the quarter-finals, so it can take a rest.

People here are walking on the sunny side of the street and avoiding the shadow side, a sure sign of winter’s onset. Shadows are longer, the patio just gets narrow shafts of light, like spotlights, not floodlights.  Sweaters and hoodies are prevalent despite the strong sun – the grayness of the rainy days seems to be past.  Once we make it to elevenses the air is warm and all seems good – on both sides of the street.

The Shadow of Your Smile (Mandel/Webster)


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