Two songs

Now that the three cats named for alcoholic beverages have departed for home, the hummingbirds (colibri) have returned.  I much prefer the birds to the cats.  In our world there are plenty of cats but the birds are disappearing.

It is mandarin (tangerine) season here, and the tree next door is loaded with fruit which will go unpicked as the owners are away.

The weather has been such that it’s necessary to warm cups before pouring hot chocolate or tea or coffee into them as the air temperature chills the cups overnight.  Drinks seem to go from hot to tepid more quickly than just two weeks ago.

Farley and I haven’t been reading.  His daughter was visiting one week, he fell ill another, and then I came down with something and canceled.  So for the past three weeks The Fault In Our Stars has been waiting on his book table.  We have but a few chapters to read to finish the book.  The first song below is from the soundtrack of the movie of the novel.

I sent my screenplay off to a competition that would lead (if it were selected) to a workshop in Los Angeles where a group of experienced writers would help to improve the script.

Without Words

Step outside the sea
They don’t know you like I do
They don’t know you like I do

Not all of life is cruel
Not all of life is so untrue
Not all of life is so untrue

I can hear the morning birds
Light upon the branches
And each in turn
Sing of all God’s praises
Without words
Without words

Don’t turn it all inside
I don’t like to see you cry
I don’t like to see you cry

Whispered kisses in your ears
Touch so soft and warm
Confessions all of love for you
(Yes) Without words

Stare into the flame
Until you see beyond the light
All the while, truth was mine
It’s with myself, I fight
Sin you’ve carried like a corpse
Across your back these days

Let it fall away
Let it fall away
Let it fall away

I can hear the morning birds
So light up on the branches
And each in turn
They sing of all God’s praises
Yes, without words
Without words

There are ghosts in the air and they carry whispers in their purses.  R was here from Chicago. So today I learned of a job opportunity in Chicago for which I’m perfectly qualified.  I even have connections there.  And here.  And those here would help me there.  So the internal debate has begun:

Advantage Mexico

Advantage U.S.A.

Challenge of making myself understood – they say as one ages one should keep one’s mind active Money
Hearing “Buenas tardes, señora” accompanied by a smile – simple pleasures are easier to access here Indoors, winters are warmer
No need for winter clothes – except inside the casita Get to wear my Winter clothes
Santa Clara yogurt Maybe get to use my x-country skis
Wonderful casita, furnished Get to have my things out of storage
Easier to make close friends Easier to make acquaintances
Avocados are so inexpensive Work, time filled
Guavas, mangos plentiful and inexpensive Less hassle to see family
Can walk everywhere I need to be Good mass transit
Everything I need is within two blocks of the casita More things to see, do culturally
Can’t shop for clothes – therefore I save money Can shop for clothes
Medications are inexpensive, but out of pocket Can buy Medicare insurance for medications
Weather is pretty wonderful most of the time Lower altitude, so maybe can exercise more
 American political situation Can more easily have elective medical care treated, but at higher cost
Feel safer in Mexico than I would in U.S.
Residency is now possible
American political situation
American television
American television commercials
American political situation



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