A growing memorial

For some one, somewhere, a fresh wind blows,
For some one, somewhere, wakes up a dawn –
We don’t know, we’re the same here always,
We just hear the key’s squalls, morose,
And the sentry’s heavy step alone

from Requiem, Anna Akhmatova

I walked past the Parroquia yesterday on my way to and from Farley’s and noticed the memorial to the 43 young men killed or missing in Ayotzinapa had spread to both sides of the entrance to the cathedral.  The altar has grown in size; the rain from the previous night disturbed the flowers and some of the papers that had been left on the steps and sidewalk.

I read two ex-pat forums for Mexico. In one there is no word of the atrocity. In the other, at least three threads have opened with many comments and there is the usual breadth of opinion and misinformation and speculation as to what happened and why and who was to blame.  There seems to be little understanding in the forums, however, of what Mexicans are feeling and thinking as well as what segments of Mexican society are doing the feeling and thinking.  I suspect, though, that if San Miguel can feature a growing memorial in the center of town, on the steps of the main cathedral opposite the Jardin, for all the world to see, and if that memorial can feature handwritten heartfelt sentiments on plain bond paper, if someone can print 43 portraits, if someone can go to the effort to create a strong graphic message, then this event runs deep in the national consciousness.

For at least one American in the forums the concern is that spontaneous demonstrations might interfere with a Thanksgiving visit to friends.

Mozart Requiem, Zócalo, Ciudad de México


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