Reflections on Christmas in Oaxaca

Max and I spent the past week in Oaxaca and as with all our trips, there was a lot of photo-making. Some of the next posts will be galleries from the trip.

Oaxaca was the scene of a teachers’ strike in 2006 that turned violent when force was used by the governor in an attempt to disperse the strikers. The violence was returned by the strikers and the ensuing confrontations severely damaged Oaxaca’s tourism industry. It took more than four years for the economy to recover and there are/were fears that this year, as a result of the nationwide protests over the disappearance of the Ayotzinapa 43, that protests would again get out of hand. There was a heavy police presence in the city, in particular in the zócalo where many holiday events take place. There was no sign of violence from either the army/police or the protestors.

Say Something (Axel/Vaccarino/Campbell)


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